Sakura International Trade Office

We are focusing on to be 1st buyer to sell oversea product in Japan.
To minimize risks we effectively use some Crowdfunding systems.
We have all knowledge to sell your product in Japan.

Who we are

At Sakura International Trade Office, we are a team of experts dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest products from around the world to the Japanese market. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can help you navigate the complexities of the Japanese market and ensure your product's success.

CEO's Profile

Jun O. who is CEO of Sakura International Trade Office is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in international business and business development.
We possess in-depth knowledge of the Japanese market and are well-equipped to help companies sell their products in Japan. The CEO is committed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships with foreign businesses and bringing innovative products to Japanese consumers.

Advisor Profile

Interpreter and Sales representative.

eBay Certified Consultant

He has experienced in negotiations at trade shows in many countries.

Achievements on Crowdfunding

Crowd Funding Platform in Japan


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